How do you actively engage with your existing and prospective customers? There are multiple components to your customer relationship:

Knowing your audience (who are you trying to reach? How do you define them as a group?)

Defining your identity (how does your firm want to be perceived?)

Delivering the right messages by developing content (such as writing, photos, videos, adverts, special offers)

Using the right delivery methods (such as on-line, print, radio, tv)

Organising, running and tracking campaigns to meet your goals

Let us help you benchmark your current situation, and generate ideas to boost your business by cultivating your customer relationship.

Recent Site Development

In the past few months we have carried out development using the Theme.Co X toolset and associated plug-ins. Visit to see a live site and view the screenshots of two more sites close to launch below.

Get On-Line

Do you have a club, small business, society, charity or any other organisation which needs to engage with your members, customers or fans on-line? Did you know nearly all the tools you need are free?

We can help you establish an attractive and useful on-line presence, at an affordable price.

  • We can create a website using WordPress (on which this site is built) – you get to choose from 367 themes, some free, some paid, but there’s usually one to suit your needs
  • We can link your website to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and others
  • We can give you a professional email list building platform linked to your website – start gathering customer details and engage them

Here are some examples we’ve made already:

Being on-line is absolutely necessary, and having a credible approach to engaging fans, members or customers is important. The converse is true – not having a credible presence on-line misses an opportunity to build trust and save time in the hunt for new customers.

Say Something

Lets assume you’ve got a website, social media accounts and an active email list of customers, members, fans or otherwise. You need to send out updates and use a variety of formats to keep it interesting.


The first step is to write something – be it an article, news, announcement, special offer, meeting reminder, or otherwise. If you’ve got the time to write it, publishing it should be easy (if you’ve followed our toolkit).


Nothing tells a story like a photo, but not all photos are equal. Taking a snapshot using your phone of a wide open scene is easy, but taking a close up of a person, product or object needs the right lighting, lenses, focus and framing.

We have the tools and experience to add photography into your communications, website, social media and printed materials.


Sometimes video with animation, graphics and pictures are a way to tell a story. Giving people a chance to see you speak, see your team, and find out who they’re dealing with adds authenticity. The converse is also true – a bad video will put people off. Keep it short, be specific, don’t over-user viewers patience and time.

Here’s two examples:

  • A CEO talks to camera about his business here
  • An interview with another CEO here
  • An interview with a manager about her work here


Sometimes to best way to engage with customers is to meet them in person. Most events work well if they include some sort of presentation, explanation or demonstration. We can help plan, organise and run events. We can produce and send invitations both physical and on-line plus design and produce branded items such as pop-up banners and gifts for attendees with your name and logo on.

And finally – Advertising and Print Media

Whilst on-line is a way to connect with people, many still like receiving something they can pick up and read. We have experience of making full scale magazines for global distribution, but we can also make booklets, leaflets and almost anything that can be printed to support your business.

An A4 full colour magazine we produce

Make a Campaign

Most businesses want to grow their customer base or their brand recognition. This is where planning and goals make the most difference, as the return on investment is going to be more measurable if you know when to stop spending.

  • How much can you afford to spend? How many pounds per person reached is reasonable?
  • Who do you want to reach? Be specific about the sort of people you want to communicate with
  • What do you want to say to them? Designing the right messages is key.
  • How do you know you’ve met your goals? When has your campaign done it’s job?

As they say, perfect planning prevents pathetic performance – we can work with you on a plan with specific tasks, goals and a budget to help your business connect with your customers.

Take a look at our approach to getting on-line, and saying something, as these are integral to delivering your campaign.

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Discover the Capra team, we work with a variety of associates who bring specialist skills into each project we undertake.

Bill Hodgson

Bill Hodgson is the owner of Capra Marketing. Bill leads the development of your marketing plan, bringing in expertise where needed.




Samantha Hodgson

Samantha provides marketing administration, event and project management and website admin support. Samantha is an associate of Capra Marketing.

Mariangel Gonzalez

Mariangel is talented professional magazine designer, and is responsible for all the editions of The OTC Space magazine Rocket. Mariangel has designed both the print edition and the downloadable PDF.



Indiespring specialise in website design and development. They can help with anything from managing updates for an existing content management system (such as Drupal or WordPress), to building fully bespoke websites for your company.