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After a few years of using a template driven site we’ve now created this new Capra Marketing website to better express what we can do for you. The site is built to explain the many activities which can take place within a marketing campaign, and of course an overview of a campaign itself.

There isn’t an easy answer to lead generation, which means the job of marketing has to be spread across multiple activities to ensure that your business is:

  • Known to prospective customers
  • They have an idea of what you are offering
  • They know how to get more information
  • And who to contact to start talking

There are lead generation companies which will combine trawling the internet, searching LinkedIn, cold calling and using their network, to create leads. ¬†All are expensive and perhaps might get a quick result but aren’t meant for long term use – much like an addictive substance. ¬†Using online content, emails, videos, events and publications you can get your message out there, provided you pick the right audience and delivery method.

If you interested to know, the site is built using the ‘Pro’ tool from ThemeCo which is a new breed of site construction tool, moving way beyond the idea of a pre-made template and putting many of the tools and techniques available to hand-coded sites into a construction framework.

The site is also ‘responsive’ meaning it ought to display nicely on mobile devices, or in fact any screen size. There is an argument to be made that websites should be designed ‘mobile first’ given that the number of pages viewed on mobile devices is now exceeding that of desktop devices.


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